Shiosai (Sound of Waves) 


Midnight Dance

Is There Life On Mars ?


Girls Searching 

Midnight Dance

Tulip 2 




Rabbit Portal 


Can You Hear Us ? 

I hold your hand tight at this moment

The Spring is Calling

The Gate is Now Open (whole view) 

Full Moon Night

Masks + Arcadia + The CREATOR = % @`*( ∞

Secret Talk 

A Holy Figure with Tatoo on His Chest

I Saw Blood Twice 

Angry Red 


Midnight Flower Garden 

Bathroom Series

 I started this series when I realized the bathroom is a place for meditation to me. It was a private space secluded from the hectic environment of the city. I contemplate through the act of cleansing and observing my body. I later realized this concept of purification through bathing is seen in various religions in India and Japan, such as the Hindu, Islam, Shinto and Buddhism.

The dualities and the extremes I experienced and observed in my life, also slipped into the painting like purity-contamination, comfort-pain, clean-dirt, calmness-instability, life-death, and exsist-non-exist, etc. I initially employed oil on canvas or rabbit skin-prepared raw canvas, but later experimented with casein tempera, water colour and gouache on Indian handmade paper.